A rise in birthrate among Muslims will change Kerala’s demography, says former state police chief

Former Kerala Police Chief TP Senkumar said that rising birth rates among Muslims would change the demographics of the state.

“The Muslim community represents 42% of deliveries in Kerala these days,” he said during the interview Samakalika Varay Malayalam Saturday. “Remember, the Muslim population is only 27% in the state. This is going to change the demographics of Kerala.”

He emphasized that the birth rate among Hindus, who represent 54% of the population is less than 48%, while that of Christians, who constitute 19.5% of the population is 15%.

Senkumar reasoned that the people of the Christian community have not declined despite a lower birth rate. “Because they turn to conversion,” he said.

He made the statement a week after his retirement from the head of state police.

‘There is no comparison between IS and RSS’
Senkumar said the Muslim community must take steps to control religious extremism.

“When we talk about the Islamic State, many Muslims are wondering about the existence of RSS,” he said. “You must understand that RSS can not compare with IS.I speak of religious extremism that goes against the national spirit.”

The former police chief said the Kerala Police had launched a désradicalisation program among Muslims by hiring 512 people from the community.

“Radicalization can be controlled with the help of the good people of the Muslim community. I think there are good Muslims in the state.”

Senkumar also praised writer Hameed Chennamangaloor as the only Muslim state that was “truly secular.” “The writer MN Karasseri, too, was good, but his presence does not feel today.

“Muslims should ask: where on earth could they live in peace as in Kerala” He Said

Senkumar said that Muslims should abandon the practice of “love jihad.” She also tried to lend credence to allegations that Muslim men have made girls of other religions into Islam feigning love.

“Many people have practiced the” jihad of love. “If conversion takes place only out of love, it must be the same among all religions, but why the number that rises in the Muslim community?

Senkumar was the leader of the Kerala Police when the United Democratic Front led by Congress was in power in the state. It was overthrown two days after the PCI (M) – Front of the Democratic Left formed the government.

However, the Supreme Court ordered the state government to reinstate police control on April 24. He took office on May 6 He retired from service on June 30

Their views have generated controversy, and several mass media have made strong objections to them. Many predicted that he would soon join the Bharatiya Janata Party.

The director of the famous film, Ashiq Abu, quoted the Prime Minister Pinarayi Vijayan denounces Senkumar. In his Facebook article said Abu Vijayan had suggested political ambitions Senkumar months ago.

“He is not on his side. He is with the others,” said the head of government of the UDF members when they created a lightning bolt in the state assembly calling for Senkumar’s reintegration.

The BJP has courted since his retirement. In a Facebook post, party secretary K Surendran asked him to follow in the footsteps of IPS officers Kiran Bedi and Satyapal Singh, who joined BJP after retirement.

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