‘Beautiful and romantic even in the weirdest of situations’: The look of ‘Jagga Jasoos’

“They are unreal but real,” said Rajat Poddar, production designer Jagga Jasoos about the sets and accessories used in the version of Anurag Basu on July 14.

This is not the first time we hear about the operator Ranbir Kapoor-Katrina Kaif. Actor Saswata Chatterjee, who participated in the film, uses the words surreal and real in the same sentence when speaking of visual elements, separated by the word “but” again.

What does it really mean? “See, we have not really created something that is not real,” said Poddar, who collaborated with his brother Raja in the film. “But the unreality of everyone is felt in many situations in the movie. In real life, you do not run the risk of venturing into a clock tower from time to time.

You can go to a luggage compartment, but what if a cheetah? They are fictitious situations very ambitious nature. Most of us would have in these situations. ”

Kapoor plays the titular detective on the hunt for his mentor and father figure Bagchi, played by Chatterjee. Jagga is accompanied by Shruti Katrina Kaif character, and her adventures lead them to a wild adventure in several countries and a wonderful landscape.

Part of the movie’s dream of nature can be attributed to the fact that the film is co-produced by Disney India, said Poddar.

“Many of the visual design ideas and overall also comes from the story itself,” he said. “The film contains very strange premises. A clock tower is one, so there are these very strange boats, animals … All kinds of things.

The basic word root or word in my account in the design was romantic. History requires the creation of beauty and romance in every picture. Even in the strangest situations, we feel that this should also be nice, beautiful and romantic. ”

Poddar graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts of the University of Khairagarh in Jabalpur, designed several films, among them Hindi Saaya (2003), Aashiqui 2 (2013), Gran Masti (2013) and Gunday (2014).

His association with Anurag Basu dates back to the 1990s when both worked in the television industry. Poddar worked on the life of Basu in a meter (2007) Comets (2010), but this was the comedy Barfi! (2012), which has praised for its eccentric design.

“Anurag and I for a long time work each other,” said M. Poddar. “I always try to catch him because he is a person who has new ideas every minute of the day.Now I know what he likes and what not, the colors that he likes.So based on that, manipulate and make designs according to that “.

Based on trailer and video songs, Jagga Jasoos already compares to a Wes Anderson movie through the comic strip Tintain Herge. In an interview with India Today, Basu said that the similarity between Kapoor’s appearance – especially the vertical hair tuft – is purely coincidental.

“We talked about the comparison of Tintin now, after the film, but this was not given to us as a reference to the appearance of Ranbir,” said M. Poddar. “Maybe it was in the spirit of Basu in relation to the kind of movies I wanted to try.

But the comic was not part of our approach from the point of view of design, except that perhaps comics colored palettes studied were blocked somewhere in our mind.

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