Delhi wale: Nizamuddin dargah’s runaway rockstar searching for ‘sadda haq’

Delhi wale: Nizamuddin dargah’s runaway rockstar searching for ‘sadda haq’

Sometimes the things you see in the song and dance movie are repeated in real life.

In 2011, the film Rockstar Hindi represented his hero – a young Delhi played by actor Ranbir Kapoor – forced to leave his house with his guitar and find refuge in the Sufi shrine of Hazrat Nizamuddin Auliya. In the qawwali chartwitter the film, it shows the protagonist of the luck of sleeping in the dargah during the last hours of the night.

Well, during the last hours of a recent night, we saw exactly that point of view in the Nizamuddin sanctuary. A young man sleeping on one side of the Draga’s yard, his head resting on what appeared to be a guitar case. Suddenly, a black cat (the many cat sanctuary) overcame and woke him up.

We asked if it was a guitar.

“I’m a guitarist, singer …” he told us in English in a hurry.

It was the fourth night of Arshad Ali, 19, in the dargah.

“I left my house … Daddy meri nahi banti Arshad comes from the neighboring Dadri. His father, a businessman who runs a small hospital was not waiting for his only son who was studying journalism at Noida major university. However, it was nothing against his dislike for Arshad’s passion for music.

But it was not easy to focus on Arshad’s story. His left arm was very upset by his oversized tattoo that says SHS. “It represents electronic music,” he said, adding that he had done three years ago in a tattoo parlor in South Delhi Subhash Nagar. There are some days, Arshad told his father when he left the house forever.

“Dad did not say anything.”

The young man took his guitar – but not his cell phone – and trained in his cousin Vaishali, a neighborhood just outside the boundaries of this Delhi.
The cousin handles the delicate Arshad circumstances with a kind of sensitivity that only the parents are able to show. “He made fun of me in front of his friends … I felt humiliated … I left his place too.”

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