Japan PM Abe Pens Preface for Official Biography of Modi’s Mann Ki Baat

Japan PM Abe Pens Preface for Official Biography of Modi's Mann Ki Baat

New Delhi: The genesis and evolution of the single broadcast of Prime Minister Narendra Modi Mann Ki Baat will be unveiled on the eve of the third anniversary of his government with President Pranab Mukherjee, Lok Sabha speaker Sumitra and Mahajan Minister of Finance Of the Union, Arun Jaitley.
Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe wrote the prologue to Mann Ki Baat – A social revolution on the radio, which will be presented to the president.
“Speaking a one-hour radio program once a month while fighting difficult tasks, because the prime minister requires a huge effort, and I can only feel his strong passion for dialogue with his people,” he writes. Abe in the book.
The book reveals the names originally considered for the “PM ke Saath ru-ru-ba” program to “varta Modi Ji Ke Saath” to “Modi Vaani” When officials returned to the PM with the nomenclature question, Narendra modi exclaimed : “Arre isme kya hain Kaho Kuch halki Phulki Mann ki karoonga Baaten,” says the book, about how the architects of the program came to Mann Ki Baat’s name from an informal conversation with the PM.
The book makes a special mention of the letters of the listeners. So PM Modi has read all the letters that are written on it? But the letters I read, read, word for word, and even if I do not talk about them in the program, I make people’s problems deal with or that Your thoughts are being actively considered, “he said in the book.
Why he chose radio as a medium, the prime minister said: “I am a man of organization par excellence in my whole life.I know the difference that radio can make.United States presidents have used well … So many People have heard the speech “I have a dream” Martin Luther King on the radio. It has a transforming power like no other medium. “

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